Cash Flow vs. Profit in Your Agency: What You Really Need to Know 

The Real Deal about Profit and Cash in Your Agency 

Cash Flow: The Oxygen for Your Agency 

Keeping Track: KPIs to the Rescue 

Practical Tips for Balancing Cash and Profit:

  1. Know Your Numbers: Keep your cash flow statement up-to-date. It’s like knowing the weather forecast before planning a picnic. 
  1. Have a Safety Net: A cash buffer can save you from sleepless nights when revenue dips or payments are delayed. 
  1. Be Real About Your Money: Love dreaming big, but when it comes to revenue, be as realistic as it gets. Adjust your plans based on what the numbers tell you. 
  1. Clear Terms with Clients: Reducing non-payment risks starts with clear payment terms. And yes, automated reminders are your friends. 
  1. Stick to Your Budget: Every dollar counts. Plan your expenses and hold onto that budget like it’s your lifeline. 

Your Agency’s Financial Health is in Your Hands 

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